Hero Token (ヒーロートークン)アカウント登録の承認について





数日経ってもなかなかアカウントが承認されず “Pending“のままになっていました。












Dear HERO Token member,

Thank you for contributing to the HERO Token sale.

As of February 25, your account status is still Pending. This means that while you were able to buy tokens, you will only receive them after the sale period if your account status reaches Verified.

In order to get Verified as soon as possible, please log in to your HERO Dashboard at  membership.herotoken.io and check if you made one or more of the following common mistakes below and fix them based on our solutions:

  • Using a government-issued ID with details that are purely in foreign characters (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Korean) while your name on your account is typed in English characters

    • Solution: Edit your name on your account by typing it in your local characters or upload a passport that shows your name in English characters.

  • Wrong birthday (e.g. born on 2018)

    • Solution: Edit your birthday on your account.

  • Below 18 years old

    • There is no solution. Members under 18 years old cannot participate in the token sale.

  • Cropped or blurry photo ID

    • Solution: Upload a new ID that clearly shows your name, birthday and ID expiry date, as well as a selfie of you holding your ID and a paper that says ‘HERO’ with today’s date next to your face.

  • Incomplete information on the account

    • Solution: Complete missing information by filling all tabs on the identity verification page.

  • Details on the account do not match those on the passport or government-issued ID

    • Solution: Either change your details or upload a new ID.

  • Expired passport or government-issued ID

    • Solution: Upload a valid government ID or if you do not have a valid passport or ID, upload a selfie of you holding your ID next to your face.

After updating your account, please respond to this email so we can review it once more. You have until February 28th to get your account Verified.

Can’t log in?

  • If you lost your password, you can request a new one here: http://bit.ly/2nUfJTq

  • If you lost your 2FA authentication, please respond to this email so we can disable it for you.


If your account is already Verified, please ignore this email.

Best regards,
HERO Token Team

IMPORTANT: Token sale is ongoing. For accounts that are still Unconfirmed or Pending, don’t worry. You can buy tokens until February 28 but you must complete all required details and upload a photo ID on the HERO Dashboard in order to receive tokens at the end of the sale period.

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